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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.  If you can't find what you're looking for here, check out the rest of the Help pages or contact us directly.

How much does HowDidiDo cost to use?

The HowDidiDo standard service is FREE of charge to any member of a golf club using CLUB2000 Scores & Handicapping.  To take advantage all you have to register.  Don't worry if you don't know whether they use CLUB2000, just try and register and pick your club from the drop down list.  If it's not there, contact your secretary, manager or handicap chairman and tell them to contact us to get CLUB2000 for FREE.

Why have I got a Trial Gold Membership, how much will that cost?

Gold membership adds extra services, such as full access to your CONGU handicap record and text message alerts of competition results and handicapping changes.  This upgrade costs £15 a year (plus an optional £2 donation to our company charity).  When you join HowDidiDo we give you a 30 day trial of the Gold service.  If you wish to continue to subscribe after the 30 days, you must manually upgrade.  We do not hold your credit or debit card details so we can't automatically upgrade and charge you.  If you do nothing your membership will revert to the free standard service and no costs will be incurred.

If most services are offered for FREE, how is HowDidiDo funded?

We do sell some advertising on the site and gold membership raises some funds but our sponsors and Club Systems foot most of the bill.  Our largest costs are hosting and development.  HowDidiDoMedia Ltd have the exclusive rights to advertising and sponsorship and run all of the promotions and competitions on HowDidiDo.

I can't register and/or haven't received a verification email.

We have a special help section dedicated to problems with registration. Please click here to be taken to that page.

Why can’t I get past step 2 of the registration process?

After filling out your personal details and choosing your club, you click next to proceed to part two of the registration process. Here we ask you to select from a list of name matches. This connects you with the data held at the club. Select your name from the list, remembering that there may only be one matching record. Not until you have selected that name will your registration be complete.

Why can't I find my club when I register for HowDidiDo?

For clubs to publish to this site they must use the market leading CONGU Handicapping software from Club Systems International. CLUB2000 is relatively inexpensive and by far the most popular package in the UK and Ireland. First check with your club to see if they do use it. If they don’t and would like a demonstration they can visit the Club Systems website. Some clubs, who do use CLUB2000, do not to publish. This might be for simple technical reason such as internet access. It might be that they believe there is a cost involved, if this is the case please inform your club officials that the service is FREE. Others, very few, choose not to publish for other reasons, such as privacy. If this is the case, members can choose to have their results withheld from the site by contacting the club, that way the vast majority of golfers and benefit from this service.

Why can I only see Division 1 results for a club competition?

When you click to see a competition result on HowDidiDo, we take you to the first division. If there are other divisions these will be displayed on the menu links on the left hand side. Click on the words Division 2, etc to see the other results. These results are those published by the golf club as they printed the score sheet. We have no control over this process, so if the result s to not correct, please contact your club.

Why are the 'Contact Details' for my club incorrect?

A club’s contact details are inputted by the club officials when they first register with HowDidiDo. Obviously this may have been some time ago and email addresses, your club manager or handicap secretary may have changed. If so, this needs to be changed at the club in the CLUB2000 package. Please don’t contact us, we cannot change these. In CLUB2000click on Options at the top of the screen, then Preferences and HowDidiDo. Correct the details here and they will be sent the next time you publish a result.

Can I register more than one club on my record?

Yes, you can have up to three clubs on each players record.  We ask you to choose one club to be your home club.  Then on the My Clubs widget click on the small down arrow and pick up to two other clubs there.

Second Club

How can I change my home club?

Click on Personal Profile, then Change Home club on the left hand side.  Pick and club and click search.  We will then look for a player with your name in that club.  Then just pick from the ones listed.

I can't remember my Login details.

Click here if you can't remember your password

If you have previously registered but forgotten the email address that you used, try re-registering with your new or current email address. You should be able to link to your club and therefore your player record if your previous registration was before the 1st January 2008. If it was since that date, try your other addresses, you can always change to your preferred once logged in. Still no luck? Click here to contact us.

Can two or more members log on with the same email address?

Sorry no, like almost all websites now, your account is personal to you and we use your email address as the unique identifier therefore you need an email address each. You can usually get extra email accounts for free from your ISP’s website (i.e. BTInternet, Sky, Talktalk or Virgin Media or you can register with a webmail account for free from;

Why aren't my Club's Competition results and/or my handicap up to date?

The Competition and Handicap data displayed on our site is published periodically by the golf club itself.  If you have been expecting to see results or calculations from your club and they do not appear correctly on HowDidiDo, usually this is because they have not yet been published to HowDidiDo.  This may be a problem at the club, please contact your Handicap Secretary and they can call us for help with their CLUB2000 software if they need it.

How do I personalise my homepage when I've logged in?

When you log in to the site you will be taken to your personalised homepage. You can add 'widgets' to this page by clicking the + or – symbol on the right next to the channel for the widget you wish to add. Once that Widget is on your homepage you can edit the settings for it by clicking on the small down arrow on the title bar. You can then drag and drop that Widget anywhere on your homepage.

Why can't I print my Handicap Certificate?

Handicap Certificates have to comply with strict CONGU rules. These rules stipulate that for a certificate to be valid it has to printed in a very specific format and verifiable. 

To be able to print your official CONGU handicap certificate, first your club must switch on this service.  Some clubs wish to remain in control of the issuing of certificates and therefore choose not to allow this facility on HowDidiDo.  HowDidiDo can not override this setting.

Secondly, to comply with  CONGU rules, we much be able to verify you are who you say you are, before you can print a certificate.  We do that by checking the consistency of the email addresses you have provided to both the club and HDID.  If the clubs data files are set up correctly and we find that these addresses are the same, then you can print.  If they are not, we can email a verification code to the email address the club has recorded and you can then enter that into HDID and you're off.  Finally if we can do neither of these things, you can request a traditional certificate from the club.  On that certificate you will find a HDID verification code.  If you then enter that in to HDID you will be able to print from here in the future.

Click here to go to the MyGolf Section and Start the process.

Click here if you are a club administrator and wish to switch on this facility.

PLEASE NOTE - Handicap certificates from other sources on the internet, not produced by CONGU Licensed software vendors, are NOT OFFICIAL and may not be valid.

Why isn't my away score shown on my record?

HowDidiDo passes back scores automatically to you home club, they retrieve that information when they next log on, their computer software then processes that away score and calculates any adjustments, and then it has to be published back to the site. Sorry these are the CONGU rules; the score has to be processed by the home club.

The score should appear soon, if not contact your Handicap Secretary and they can call us for help with their CLUB2000 software.

HowDidiDo doesn't display properly in my browser.

We have worked very hard to ensure that this new version of HowDidiDo is compatible with as many internet browsers as possible. If you think you have a problem with yours please click here to let us know the browser you are using and the area within the site you are having problems with. We will look it to the problem and get back to you.

Most browsers now update automatically to the lastest version available.  However the older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer do not.  Since we no longer test our sites or versions 6 or 7, you may want to upgrade if you are using these versions.  Get the latest version of IE by clicking here. 

How do I make HowDidiDo my Homepage?

If you want HowDidiDo to be the default page when you open your browser Click Here.

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